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Boston rock the dress session after the wedding

We love to shoot a Boston Rock the Dress session!

Alex and Carrie live in Boston but their wedding was in Bolton, MA so it was not possible to show off the beauty of their city in their wedding photos. What could we do, but ask Carrie to put her dress back on and meet us a the Northern Ave. bridge on a blustery and 30 degree November day! We’d been there before with this super couple… in the city on a chilly day making pictures; it sounds a lot like their engagement session!┬áBut this was their Boston Rock the Dress session, so as you can see from the photos, this was a completely unique shoot.

No matter the temperature and the hike around the waterfront, Alex and Carrie did not complain once. That is really a testament to how much they love photography! Wedding photographers usually have a client base that loves photos. It’s no surprise that this couple braved the elements so we could make these Rock The Dress style portraits for them. It was so much fun!



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Rachel + Joe’s Rock the Dress in Lodi, CA

Lodi, CA – A photographer’s dream consists of a dynamic location, beautiful light, and of course, eager and responsive subjects. This session had it all, from Rachel’s choice of cowboy boots to the Farmall tractor to the broken down pick-up truck all the way to that gorgeous California light. With temperatures pushing triple digits all that week we need to give major credit for the resolve of Joe and Rachel who were pretty much game for anything we wanted to do that evening.

We couldn’t have asked for a better Rock the Dress session, thanks to you Rachel and Joe!

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Jamie+Josh | Rock the Dress
“Why not wear it twice?”

This was Jamie’s Rock the Dress session from this past summer. We’ve blogged a ton of Jamie and her husband Josh this year so you might remember her smile from her engagement session or maybe even her wedding day. It’s always such a pleasure to work with people who love photography and really value the experience we provide.

This session had two different locations about 30 minutes apart and we were planning on wrapping up just as the sun was going down. We started a bit late because our GPS decided it would be cool to not find the first location at all and take us on a driving tour of the New Hampshire / Vermont border. Long story short, we found it and it was perfect. Madame Sherri Forest in Chesterfield, NH contains the remnants of a European style chateau built in 1924. This once grand estate was abandoned in the 1950’s and was destroyed by fire in 1962. All that is left is the stone staircase, but that is enough to make a perfect rock the dress session.

Our second location was Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, NH. An absolutely beautiful venue with some incredibly generous owners who invited us to take portraits at their location. Alyson’s property is set upon a hill was undeveloped when it was purchased and turned into an orchard in the 1980’s. The trees on this property are incredible, which is what drew Jamie this spot. You see, Jamie loves portraits with trees and on her wedding day we weren’t able to make it up to Alyson’s for their formal portraits. But it worked out as a great post wedding session because we had time to explore the property without worrying about time restrictions.

In the end, it was really an amazing day for all of us and we’re so excited that Jamie and Josh loved all of their images. Rock the dress sessions are definitely a favorite for us as photographers. We feel it really rounds out the wedding photography experience and our clients have a ton of fun.