Wedding Day Photography Portfolio

Boston Wedding Photographers

A wedding photographer’s portfolio is their presentation of not only their strongest work, but the work they want to continue creating for their couples. For us, we are documentary wedding photographers first, meaning we are always looking to find a moment to capture instead of setting anything up. The look in your partner’s eye when you are about to walk down the aisle, the joy on your face during your first dance, or the laugh when your best friend crack’s a joke during the toast, these are the types of moments we are always on the look out to photograph. In fact, other than posed portraits of family or wedding party, our style is pretty hands off so we focus primarily on emotion, light and composition. With these three components, we are able to tell stories from a wedding day with our photographs. Our style of photography lends itself to become very close to our subjects very quickly. We get to share the excitement and anticipation of the ceremony as well as the joy and expression of the reception. 

The images we have selected for our portfolio shows off the work that excites us the most and represents where we are currently in our photographic journey. Our style is still evolving, but over the last decade our clients have really responded to wedding images that contain moments of love, joy and the entire spectrum of emotions that make up a wedding day. And when our couples look back on their wedding and their photographs, we want them to remember how they were feeling that very second the images was created. Too much posing can take away opportunities for organically found moments. 

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