Boston rock the dress session after the wedding

We love to shoot a Boston Rock the Dress session!

Alex and Carrie live in Boston but their wedding was in Bolton, MA so it was not possible to show off the beauty of their city in their wedding photos. What could we do, but ask Carrie to put her dress back on and meet us a the Northern Ave. bridge on a blustery and 30 degree November day! We’d been there before with this super couple… in the city on a chilly day making pictures; it sounds a lot like their engagement session! But this was their Boston Rock the Dress session, so as you can see from the photos, this was a completely unique shoot.

No matter the temperature and the hike around the waterfront, Alex and Carrie did not complain once. That is really a testament to how much they love photography! Wedding photographers usually have a client base that loves photos. It’s no surprise that this couple braved the elements so we could make these Rock The Dress style portraits for them. It was so much fun!