Boston, MA – Alex and Carrie will be getting married at The International Golf Resort next September, and wanted to plan an Autumn engagement session at the spot where they got engaged, The Boston Public Garden. Our first attempt was rained out and given the difficulty re-scheduling with such a short New England foliage season, we were stuck with a morning engagement session. Now, I should say that photographers love the morning light, but it’s often difficult to get couples excited about getting up super early and getting all pretty for some photos. However, there was no hesitation for these two and as fortune would have it we ended up with some amazing portraits.

It was a bit chilly at 8am, when I met these two love-birds at the Garden on a Saturday morning. But they were in very good spirits despite the early start and very excited about the session. It was supposed to be a mostly sunny day, but we had some heavy overcast from the outset. That is until the sun peaked through the clouds for exactly 9 minutes and 19 seconds. (Yes, I did look back at the camera data to find out exactly how long that light was out.) As soon, as the light hit, I knew I had to work fast to utilize the warmth and beauty of that Autumn sun. Of course, looking back on it now I wished that I had just another minute to get some more variety, but that’s just a photographer always wanting more, more, more…

Once that sun tucked itself back in the clouds we didn’t see it again. That is until we departed company and it came back as I was walking to the car… Isn’t that always the way 🙂 However, we did make some great engagement portraits, and although the overcast doesn’t yield itself to dramatic light, it is quite easy to use and we ended up with a lot of variety. And of course I had a great time and so did the happy couple = success!

Looking forward to the big day in 2013!

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