Portraits On Your Wedding Day

We hear it all the time… “We love candids and don’t want to spend all day taking portraits. And we want to hit up cocktail hour…” It’s totally understandable, seeing how in decades past the majority of wedding photography involved setting up portraits… mostly in a cheesy, overly traditional pose. Nowadays, the bride and groom want to celebrate with their guests and don’t want to be away from the party for too long. We get that… in fact, that’s how we arranged our own wedding!

The way we approach this part of the day really depends on how you envision your wedding photography. Do you want just a few family photos and one beautifully romantic bride and groom portrait? No problem. Do you want to spend the time exploring your venue and getting the most out of our photography skills? Well, we can do that too. Would you be interested in knocking out some portraits before the ceremony? Awesome.

Basically, whether you want 1 or 100 different portraits, it’s up to you. We’ll work with you to plan out your family portraits, including that large, extended family shot your mom has been talking about. If you have some ideas on a fun shot with your wedding party, we want to hear it. If you just want a few of each and then move on to romantic bride and groom portraits, well that sounds great.