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The Place With Everything

Walking through the Peterson Party Center building was an incredible experience for Ashley and myself. We’re wedding photographers so we think we’ve seen it all when it comes to event rentals but I don’t think we’ll ever see a larger selection of tables/chairs/linens/everything… than we saw in the Peterson showroom and warehouse. The first thought I had was that I was glad that we didn’t visit when we were planning our own wedding.  I don’t think she would have ever left.

For over hundred years Peterson Party Center has been a leader in special event rentals. If you’ve been to a New England wedding, party or event ever in your life, there’s a good chance Peterson was a part of it. We’ve had a connection with them for a few years now and we’ve been meaning to set up a shoot to show off some of the new inventory. And finally after two long years we found ourselves in the midst of, what seemed like, an endless inventory of party rentals. Jennifer and her team organized an amazingly efficient shoot, a lot of which features the beautiful work of Gregory Costa – Saint John of Flou(-e)r. It’s always wonderful to work with talented people, who are equally dedicated to making these photos look their best.

Here’s a short sample of the work:



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Capers Catering Food

Have you ever been to an event saw some passed hors d’oeuvres and they looked so much like an art piece that you didn’t want to touch them. But you grabbed one anyway and it turned out to be the most delicious thing you’ve ever had? That’s pretty much what Capers Catering has been doing for 2 decades!

We’ve had the privilege of working with Capers at a number of New England weddings and we’ve always been impressed with, not only the presentation, but the service the put forth for the bride and groom and their guests. And because we love wedding vendors that make our couples smile, we asked them if we could photograph some of their delicious food and Capers jumped on the opportunity.

Capers is located in Stoneham, MA so it was just a short jump down 93 to hit up their kitchen. Everyone there was so excited about the shoot and it really showed up how much they care about their food. We were pretty excited as well, probably because we knew we’d be able to eat some of it after the shoot!

Here’s some visual yumminess from our food photography session with Capers Catering:

food photography from capers catering

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At the end of the year we always ask our wedding couples if they would review our work online in order for others read about their experience. It’s also a way for us to keep on our toes and make sure that we gain a bit of insight from the client perspective. Wedding Wire has been our preferred site to collect reviews for our wedding photography. They make the process pretty easy and provide a ‘free’ gift after reviewing a handful of wedding vendors.

Last week I began sending out some emails and we’ve almost reached our goal for 2013 wedding client reviews. Thanks to those that have already left a review and a thanks in advance for those that will do so in the future! Click below to read our current reviews: