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Peter and Caroline planned a Holy Cross wedding and International Golf Club reception.

holy cross wedding international golf club reception

The image above is one of my favorites out of a bunch of favorites. Choosing this image took an entire hour, I kid you not.

Caroline and Peter’s wedding was something a bit different for me, as a wedding photographer. At your typical wedding, we are usually rushed to get in all the portrait requests. From family photos (and all the different breakdowns) to the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and finally the whole wedding party, that can take some time to accomplish. By the end of it all we have a few short minutes to make some epic portraits of the bride and groom. That’s why it’s important for a bride and groom to make some time during the reception to go outside and spend a couple minutes on a portrait. We certainly did that for this wedding, but due to the scheduling of the Mass at Holy Cross we had an incredible amount of time for all of our portraits on campus.  The grounds of the college are so picturesque and every other time I’ve photographed here, I’ve said that there is not enough time to get everything. Well this time, Caroline, Peter and I sure came close to seeing it all.

Having the opportunity to make a collection of portraits with a willing couple, beautiful location and perfect lighting is something special. Wedding photographers don’t always have the luxury of experiencing all three of these together. Naturally, modern wedding photography lends itself to candid photography and that is our number one focus. But when I see the photos from a wedding where I can put in the effort of making portraits it really does add another facet to the wedding day photo story.

I love these photos and hope you do to!

Below you’ll find some fantastic wedding pros that did amazing work this day:

Freestyle Band

Jeff Frend Floral

Bean Counter Bakery

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Danielle and Anthony planned a beautiful Holy Cross College wedding this past July in Worcester, MA.

What an incredible day! Danielle and Anthony are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met and it was an absolute honor to photograph their wedding. It was one of those summer days where it might rain or it might not rain and honestly it didn’t even matter. This day was about love, not about perfect weather! In the end it did rain, for a little bit but then the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day that allowed for us to make some memorable portraits outside.

The campus at Holy Cross College is amazing. We love photographing weddings here. There are so many different locations around the St. Joseph’s chapel that are ideal for photography it’s no wonder that Danielle and Anthony planned their wedding here.

Below are some of our favorite images from the day!

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Katie and Matt planned a fantastic Holy Cross – Lord Thompson Manor Wedding this past July.

Ashley and Brendon were the lucky photographers on this gorgeous day in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The College of the Holy Cross is up there in our minds when it comes to college ceremony locations. The campus is beautiful and ideal for wedding photographers. Lord Thompson Manor is also on our short list of amazing wedding venues in New England. I remember my first conversation with Katie and she was just really excited about booking these two venues for her wedding.

Looking through these images I noticed a constant throughout the wedding day. The smiles… The looks of pure joy seen in these images from the bride and groom really tell the story. These two are perfect for each other. My favorite, if I had to select a favorite, would be the image when they are leaving the church after the ceremony. It’s real, it’s honest and it is beautiful.

We are so happy for Matt and Katie and feel fortunate to be able to make these images for them! Here’s just a sample from the day:

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Beth and Jared planned a fantastic Holy Cross College wedding  at the St. Joseph’s chapel with a reception at Wedgewood Pines CC in Stow, MA. This wedding was pretty special for us because this couple was a referral from a couple that is near and dear to our heart, Heather and Dave, who also had their ceremony at Holy Cross. Once we spoke to Beth and Jared, on the phone a year or so ago, we knew that we would fit right into their wedding. They sounded like a sweet couple and were very excited about the photography opportunities around the campus. And because we’ve photographed a dozen or so weddings there, we were able to talk specifically about the areas we wanted to utilize. This was helpful because at the time, Jared was away and wasn’t able to plan a face to face meeting. Thankfully we all were able to meet at HC and go over the timeline and get to know each other a bit better before the wedding.

The end of June was a bit on the warm side and the historic St. Joseph’s chapel has no air conditioning. This can be challenging but proper hydration is key. What’s even more important is knowing were to find more water after you’ve already finished your supply. And the answer to that is upstairs next to the organist… sneaky, I know. Who would ever think of hiding cold water in the hottest part of the church? We even delivered a cup of cold water to a guest, who happened to be more than a few months pregnant. It was very hot in there and it seemed like the right thing to do, after all she probably was not going to climb that winding stair case to the organist balcony, right?

During portraits we had the opportunity for a bit more time than usual as the limo had overheated and refused to start up. Fortunately, a replacement was soon dispatched and got everyone to the reception right away. Beth and Jared were still able to enjoy their cocktail hour and Wedgewood Pines did a fantastic job coordinating the rest of the wedding. After some hilarious speeches, heartfelt toasts and an excellent dinner, the party started hard and went strong all night.

We are very excited to show off this wedding and we are very happy that Beth and Jared asked us to be their wedding photographers. Below you’ll find some of our favorites from their wedding.

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Holy Cross College Wedding 

Worcester, MA –  Maggie and Tom met and fell in love while in school at Holy Cross College. So it would be fitting that they chose to hold their wedding on campus.  When we had met Maggie and Tom, way back in 2011, we were so excited to hear that both the ceremony and reception were going to be on the beautiful grounds of the college. Previously we had photographed a couple of wedding ceremonies at St. Joseph Chapel and were in love with the architecture of the church and surrounding areas.

It was a hot Summer day, and with the high level of humidity we were all hoping the rain would stay away. The rain did hold off for most of the day but we were unlucky to have it down pour during our portrait time. However, we managed a lot of great portraits inside the church with wedding party and bride and groom. The reception was right up the hill at Hogan Hall and they did a great job making the ballroom look fantastic. The bride and groom really planned a great wedding and we were very happy to be a part of it. Congrats to Maggie and Tom!