Weddings and Our Business

First off, I’m hoping that you and all you know are healthy and safe at home right now. This is a strange time for weddings, small businesses and pretty much everyone else around the world. The question I have for anyone reading this is: “Can we help in any way?” Photographers aren’t necessarily essential but if you need photos for a funding page, tips and tricks on taking your own photos or anything else you can think of please reach out. Helping others in a time when we are all hurting just seems like the right thing to do.

The last couple of weeks has been full of uncertainty. Questions about wedding dates and postponements have been super tough. I feel so terrible for these couples who have already been impacted. All we can do is promise to be flexible and understanding at this time while we get through this together. 

Obviously, we are not an essential business so the studio has been temporarily closed since mid-March. However, we are working from home as we try to get on with self-isolation. On a personal note, Ashley, Evie (8) and I are giving homeschooling our best efforts but it has been a challenge. All school teachers need a massive pay raise!