You know that feeling when you open your mailbox and there’s actually a handwritten envelope in there? If any email could give you that same excitement, it would be the email you receive from a couple after you’ve photographed their wedding. Oftentimes we hear from the bride, but occasionally we receive an email straight from the groom. This email from Bill, whose wedding we photographed this past summer, absolutely floored us. It reminded us of how our photography, and our presence on a wedding day, affects the memories of our clients.  This is the reason we photograph weddings. Here’s an excerpt from Bill’s email:

“I can’t tell you how pleased both Ashley and my families were with the photos you shot. I look at them probably twice a week and it brings me back to that Saturday in late June. People always wish they could bottle a feeling or a special moment and save it for a rainy day or hard time. Your photos do just that. As you probably know, the bride and groom are always so rushed that the entire wedding experience is a giant blur of toasts, dances and “I Do’s,” but the albums you provided blow that concept out of the water. Every time i look at the picture of Ashley and I high-fiving after walking out of the church, I feel the sun on my face on that low 80s day. When I look at my Aunt dancing next to one of Ashley’s friends, I’m deafened by the sound of chatter, the shaking dance floor and the music. I could go on, but needless to say, working with you guys on our wedding was an immense pleasure.” Bill G.

Each time I read it, it sends shivers down my spine. Knowing that we succeeded in not only making great pictures,  but creating a memorable experience for Bill, Ashley and their friends and family is the best compliment we could receive. At its core, what we provide to a couple is only 50% photography. The other 50% is the unique experience and attention to detail. Photography is 2nd nature for us, so we know going into every wedding we are going to make great photos. But our goal isn’t just great photos; we also want to have a positive impact at every wedding we photograph. We strive to create a calm and fun atmosphere and leave a good impression on not just the couple, but on their family and friends as well. When Ashley and I read this email from Bill, we knew from his descriptions of how he felt when he looked at his wedding photos, that we delivered beautiful photos AND a wonderful experience.


Being a photographer equals a lot of late-night hours, a lot of working weekends, and a packed summer and fall. We enthusiastically brag to our friends about the perks of not being in traffic on Monday mornings and how we can take Fridays off, but we also miss out on friends’ weddings and cookouts at the lake. When we became wedding photographers, we made this choice and we absolutely love the work that we’ve done over the last 8 years. The relationships we cultivate with our clients, and emails of gratitude like this, make it easy for us to make that same choice over and over again. This is the reason we photograph weddings.