What’s really important to you when you are considering your wedding photography budget? Are you looking for a big album for yourselves, albums for the parents, framed prints, photo booth, engagement session, digital files…etc.? There are so many ways to enjoy your wedding photos but the questions always comes back to “is it in the budget?” There’s a good chance that you’re going to have to make some decisions because having it all can get really expensive.

In today’s wedding industry, photographers’ pricing can range dramatically depending upon their skill and experience. Package prices and add ons vary dramatically with each photographer as well. It’s really difficult to compare and for some people this can be overwhelming. We might have a solution for you and it’s simple; find a photographer you like and don’t worry about the albums, prints and all the add ons until later in the planning process or even after the wedding. Look at photographers’ base prices for coverage time and digital files and that should be your base line comparison.

The images themselves have to be the most important part of your decision making process. When it comes down to it, how much are you going to enjoy your wedding album if you don’t like the photos inside? Look for photographers whose work speaks to you and don’t think you need to buy everything all at once. By choosing a photographer you trust you’re going to ensure that you love your wedding day photos. If you choose your photographer based on the “deal” you might make out, but you might not and that’s the risk. There are no re-shoots in wedding photography, so you must choose wisely.