bride and groom portrait, the bridge at Tewksbury Country Club


Tom and Danielle planned a beautiful Tewksbury Country Club wedding last September.

Danielle has seen us work a bunch of times. We first met at her brother’s wedding 3 years ago and again at her best friend’s wedding 2 years ago. You could say that we were waiting for THAT call… the call from her telling us she was engaged. It came and we were thrilled!

It’s a unique feeling to see familiar faces when we are working a wedding. It really makes us feel at home to recognize those that we’ve photographed before. Even more, it’s great to BE recognized by family and friends in the crowd. This is one of the hidden perks of wedding photography… being a part of the experience for the couple and her guests. We want to be remembered.

More importantly, we want to be remembered as the photographers that made kept things light and fun. We had a lot of fun with Tom and Danielle last September. Unfortunately, Danielle has no more siblings, but hopefully we get to see her again at a friend’s wedding!