Bavarian Circus Theme Wedding Backyard

Mike and Emily in the woods at their Bavarian themed wedding.

From the moment we started talking about their wedding I knew it was destined for greatness. During our conversation, I heard the terms, “DIY”, “BACKYARD”, “BAVARIAN CIRCUS THEME”, “BEER GARDEN”, “LEDERHOSEN”… I almost choked on my Octoberfest in anticipation!

Can I also say that they changed their original date because Ashley and I were already booked… Now that, my friends, is the greatest compliment a wedding photographer can ever get. Not to mention it had rained on their original date, so we must be a good luck charm or something.

From Emily’s dirndl style wedding dress and Mike’s lederhosen, to the copious amount of hand crafted and collected details, this wedding was so unique and beautiful. They transformed the property into something magical, and something completely perfect for their Bavarian themed wedding.

As friends and family started to show up you could see the amazement in their faces. Especially as they walked into the woods that had been cleared for the ceremony. Emily and Mike gave their guests a fun experience and one they will not forget. I love how many guests dressed up in dirndls and lederhosen, it really shows how excited people were for this wedding.

Live music was played throughout the night as guests pulled up chairs and tree trunks around the fire pits. Beer flowed like wine and they danced long after the music stopped. Not sure that last sentence is accurate because we actually did have to leave and I’m pretty sure someone was still dancing to something when we packed up.

Mike and Emily made their wedding their own. They put a lot of time, energy and emotion into creating an atmosphere for their event that matched their vision. They proved that weddings can be whatever you want them to be. Congratulations to Emily and Mike!