I met Nancy and Eric at the Burlington Marriot in April for our first meeting. Seeing the venue is important but getting a proper meeting with the couple is equally as important. Our goal is always to blend in and become an extension of the wedding party and it’s not that easy if you haven’t me the couple. When I arrived at the Marriot I noticed that it had been completely renovated on the inside and looked like a completely different venue. It’s also really close to the St. Margaret’s church, where the ceremony was held,  so it was ideal for Nancy and Eric.

My good friend Dustin and I started out in the afternoon to capture some getting ready action. Nancy was at her parents house and Eric was at the hotel. It was a really relaxed start to the day. The ceremony at St. Margaret’s church was beautiful and I love the photos we made from the back of the church. After the receiving line we headed back to the hotel for formal portraits and reception.

In the hunt for some shade, I staked out a spot at the back of the hotel that would keep everyone out of the sun. The problem was that it was a bit chilly in the shade (EVEN in late May!) and we had some wind whipping through as well. Family and wedding party members were troopers, they toughed it out. Nancy and Eric and I wandered around the grounds for a bit and grabbed some bride and groom photos before heading into the reception for dinner and dancing.

Everyone was so nice to work with throughout the whole day and I’m hoping they all had as much fun as we did. Congrats to Nancy and Eric!

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