If you’ve made it to this blog post you must really love wedding photography and it’s probably an  important important part of your wedding day plans. You even might have picked a wedding venue based on the photos you saw on their website. However, you might not know exactly how to go about getting these perfect wedding photos.

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Here’s just a couple of snippets…

perfect wedding photos at the Hampshire House Boston

Gina and Andrew knew they wanted this perfect first dance photo from their Hampshire House wedding.

Tip # 1: Find the right photographer.  YOU HAVE TO LOVE THE WORK!

It all starts with choosing the right photographer. This might sound a bit simplified but it’s really important to choose someone who’s going to fit in with your wedding plans. There are a lot of photographers out there with many different styles,  different price points and different personalities. Doing some research is key to finding the right photographer for you. DON’T SETTLE!


Tip # 2: Choose the right investment. WHAT DO YOU WANT, WHAT DO YOU NEED?

Do you want to order albums and prints upfront? Or are you thinking about securing your photographers and investing in products later on? You can save a bit of cash if you order albums with your contract, but don’t overextend yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Tip # 3: Know your the sunset time. BEAUTIFUL LIGHT MAKES PHOTOGRAPHERS HAPPY!


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