This Winter was long and painful. Snow storm after snow storm and biting cold and wind. It felt like it went on forever and ever. As I do every year, I grew out the beard with pride. Although it was a bit more gray than last year, and a lot more gray than I’d like, I was quite attached to it. It was always a pleasure to see a friend and hear “wow, your beard is massive.” I can never be sure if my wife Ashley likes it because she is a sweetheart and would encourage me to keep it but without ever looking me in the eye. Our daughter Evie, on the other hand, was a big fan and would give me a kiss and yell “BEARD KISS.”

With Spring approaching, I made it a point to wait for two 50 degree days in a row and then I’d take off the beard. Finally we got it! It was a bit sad after nearly 5 months of growth, but it will grow back right? So I reserved the help of Ashley and Evie and we took some photos and I even let Evie help out. Shaving is painful enough, so I’m not dumb enough to give her the razor but she really enjoyed the shaving cream. And last year when I did this she was only 1.5 and I shaved while she took a nap. Of course she woke up and freaked out and didn’t recognize me… that was funny. She really liked helping out, maybe next year I’ll let her work the trimmer.

Here’s some photos. My mom says I look 10 years younger, but I say that I’d rather look awesome than young.