This post was all set to go a few weeks ago, but we hit a couple of road blocks, as life is capable of doing, but we’re back on track now and still excited to show you the rest of our “Best of 2013” series. We’d like to talk a bit today about composition and how we use it to make thoughtful wedding images. Just like using light, and waiting for that opportune moment, creating a well composed image is part of a professional photographers’ repertoire.

Photographers live within their frame, in the sense that we get to pick and choose what we want to show in an image. What information do we want to include/exclude? As the world is happening around us, we place a frame around a scene and capture what’s inside and tell a story that way. It’s instinctual for a photographer to compose an image, especially a wedding photographer, because the people and lighting conditions are constantly changing. Similar to using light, composition is one of the characteristics that determine a photographers’ personal style. We make choices to use symmetry, architecture, shapes and space in our photographs and they all play a role in composing an image.

Composition is hugely important to us as wedding photographers and we’re always striving to perfect what we can do, but also pushing the boundaries and taking risks to find new and interesting ways to tell wedding day stories. Here’s some of our favorites from 2013.