To continue with our Best Of 2013 series we’re going to talk a little bit about light, a photographer’s favorite topic!

We are light seekers, light stalkers and light junkies. Light adds so much depth and shape to a scene. It’s not just a measurement for exposure, but an opportunity to see the world a little bit differently.¬†Wedding photographers see all different types of light throughout the wedding day. Soft light, harsh light, low-light, all of which provide different avenues for a photographer to make an image. And how a particular photographer uses light is a defining characteristic in their work. We love a crisp silhouette and dramatic shadow, but also a soft reflective kiss of light on a smiling face.¬†Beautiful light, especially, natural light can be exciting because it is often fleeting. It comes and goes, and when it’s there we have to be ready for it and there’s nothing more exciting than finding the light and using it to make an amazing image.

Here’s a few from last year that we love.

The Light