bride and groom pose during their Moab Utah wedding

Liz and Tyler pose for portraits at their Moab Utah wedding in Deadhorse Point.

Liz and Tyler’s Moab, Utah Wedding

Elizabeth and Tyler planned a Moab Utah wedding this past October 5, 2013 at Dead Horse Point State Park. With a reception taking place at Stella Ruby Cottages. This intimate wedding, at one of the most beautiful and breathtaking locations in the world, was also the marriage of dear friends, making this one of the most memorable weddings of our lives. Too often we have to tell friends and family that we can’t attend or shoot their weddings because we’re already booked and that is such a bummer of a feeling. Actually, that’s how this story started but Liz decided to change the date, and that allowed us to experience a wedding of a lifetime.

This Moab Utah wedding was beautiful on so many levels. First, it’s people we love that are getting married. Then consider the location, Moab is gorgeous! With the red rock formations and seemingly endless canyons; there is so much to see and explore. Next, being surrounded by old friends and meeting new ones at the same time is what makes a wedding so fantastic. Every weekend we see it happen right in front of us while we are shooting, but here we got to experience it first hand and it was priceless.

Liz and Tyler, along with family and friends, basically took over a small section of Moab, Utah for the better part of 5 days. It was about 70 that arrived for the wedding on Saturday, but about half of us had arrived early. We got to catch up, and explore Moab a bit. Unfortunately, the National Parks were closed, but there are plenty of State Parks in the area. Preparations to the Stella Ruby Cottages begun soon after the family arrived and in a matter of hours turned this already charming property into a wedding reception. Everything came together perfectly.

Tyler and Elizabeth, we love you!