Summer Willowdale Estate Wedding

Amber and Tim were married at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA last Friday evening. It was a wedding to remember; not only for the beauty of this unique wedding venue, but also for the fun we had photographing this event. We met Amber and Tim last January, and knew almost immediately that we wanted to shoot their wedding. However, this incredible couple left the meeting without committing right away, so we thought we might have blown it… When the phone rang just a few hours later, it was Tim telling us that he and Amber thought we’d be a good fit as their wedding photographers. We were elated!

Fast forward to last week and the scene is a beautiful Willowdale Estate wedding. Everything was pretty much perfect, except for that Friday traffic that slowed things down, but even that wasn’t too bad. And when you have a bride and groom that is as laid back and fun as Amber and Tim, it makes for a fun experience.

The Willowdale always puts on a nice wedding. The courtyard, house and the grounds and the reception tent all work very well together to provide guests with a unique and gorgeous environment. You can’t really go too far without hearing guests’ overwhelmingly positive ¬†reaction to the place. Same for wedding photographers too!

Congratulations to Amber and Tim! Please, enjoy some of our favorite images below. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the other fabulous vendors such as:

Danielle, from the Willowdale Estate: She did such an amazing job in the preparation and coordination of the day. As always, Willowdale never skips a beat…

Ward’s Florist, Beverly, MA: A gorgeous presentation of flowers for both the bouquets and floral arrangements.

Max Baun, of C-Zone Music: A master of mixes, Max Baun is one of the best DJs in the area and a pleasure to work with.

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