Hello and welcome to our new website and blog!

We are incredibly excited to show off our new look and of course some new photography, but we have to thank a few people right off the bat: First off, our graphic designer, Sarah of Imaginary Jane. Sarah created this entire new look for our company. Words cannot accurately describe how thrilled we were throughout the entire design process. For two people who have always done things in house, it was a very nice change to work with someone equally devoted to their craft as we are to photography. Next, our web designer and good friend, Ryan Harris. Without this man’s web coding ability and rockin’ beard, we’d still be drowning in wordpress. We’re loving how the the graphics and the functionality of the site have come together.

So, you may have noticed that the new site’s url is pizzutiweddingphotography.com and the logo reads “Pizzuti Weddings.” You are probably thinking, “What happened to the ‘Studios’?” Well, after 7 long years as Pizzuti Studios Photography, the name might be a little long and clunky. After much internal debate, we made the decision to turn Pizzuti Studios into Pizzuti Photography, and further segment our work into Pizzuti Weddings, Pizzuti Cuties, and Pizzuti Creative, respectively. Pizzuti Weddings is the first site to be built and there are two more on the way! There is a lot more to come, but in the meantime check out our new digs and make sure to bookmark this page.