peabody essex museum wedding photo

Chris and Rebecca planned an elegant Peabody Essex Museum wedding in historic Salem, MA. This was a very easy going couple and their wedding was absolutely gorgeous. We had a great time photographing this wedding, but we say that every week. But seriously, Chris and Rebecca could not have showed us any more hospitality and kindness. We felt like we blended right into their wedding, which was perfect for our style of photography.

We started with a first look right across the street from the Hawthorn Hotel, and walked over to the Peabody Essex Museum for some portraits before the ceremony began. The East India Marine Hall at the P.E.M. is one of favorite ceremony venues ever. There is so much history, culture and individuality separating into a class by itself. The nautical paintings, sculptures and models make this room incredibly interesting. Photographically speaking, the light is always pouring into those windows and can make for some really dramatic light.

Cocktail hour and reception went off without a hitch, as usual at the P.E.M. Natalia and her staff are always a pleasure to work with and everything is always very well done. The music was killer with Eric -Jon and Now and the Forevers as the wedding band. We were really impressed with, not only the set list, but also the execution. This band is really tight, and it was evident that they knew exactly what the crowd wanted to hear because the dance floor exploded with action after dinner.

We had a great time with Chris and Rebecca and below you’ll find some of our favorites from their day.

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