A Boston Walking Tour Engagement Session

Boston, MA – When I spoke with Charles regarding the wedding he and Susanna were planning for March of 2013, he immediately informed me that after a long search it was between us and another photographer. And with this couple living in NY, the decision was really based on the phone interview. No pressure though, right? Well, I must have said something right because they hired us!

Given that their wedding is coming up in March, Charles and Susanna wanted to get a jump on their engagement session and given the crazy weather we had this Autumn (superstorm Sandy and a crazy Nor’Easter just a week after) we were all grateful to experience a beautiful Autumn day. We planned this for early afternoon, which is not really ideal, however with Day Light Savings leaving us a week before we have that early sunset so it really worked out perfectly.

Their wedding will be held at the Boston Harbor Hotel, but wanted a lot of Boston variety in their engagement session. We chose to start shooting around Beacon Hill and walk up to the North End and then back down to the harbor. Boston is a relatively small town so we did all of this in under 3 hours and it was awesome. Starting on Acorn St., we found a splash of light on the brick and it really set the tone for the session. For a photographer, light is the paint on the canvas and this time of year the Autumn sun is pretty low in the sky leaving some dramatic light to follow. For the entire session, we had great light and even though it was a bit chilly, we all had a great time. Looking forward to their big day!

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