We Almost Got Kicked Out Of The Building!

Boston, MA – We had been trying to schedule Melissa + Mitch’s engagement session since the first of April, but due to unpredictable Spring weather we had rescheduled a couple of times. On this day, it was a dreary, rainy day with absolutely no chance at clearing up but given the timing of their wedding we had no more opportunities to push it back. Melissa’s parents were staying at the Marriot’s Custom House in Boston and asked the manager if we could use the building for the engagement session. They had given us the okay, or at least we thought they did but when we showed up and starting setting up some gear, security came over and contradicted our permission. The guard was initially pretty rude to us which did not set a good tone. However, after already being given permission for this location and the pouring rain outside, we weren’t going anywhere. So with a little patience, persistence and charm we got the go ahead to shoot.

This building is gorgeous and full of that historic, old world Boston feel. Something else that set this place up for a successful engagement session was their game room, which contained both a pin ball machine and an air hockey table. Mitch is a pin ball aficionado and Melissa is a huge air hockey fan, so this could not have worked out more perfectly. It was a great way to end the session and we all had a great time. Their wedding is coming up this Summer so you’ll be seeing them here again real soon.
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