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You know that feeling when you open your mailbox and there’s actually a handwritten envelope in there? If any email could give you that same excitement, it would be the email you receive from a couple after you’ve photographed their wedding. Oftentimes we hear from the bride, but occasionally we receive an email straight from the groom. This email from Bill, whose wedding we photographed this past summer, absolutely floored us. It reminded us of how our photography, and our presence on a wedding day, affects the memories of our clients.  This is the reason we photograph weddings. Here’s an excerpt from Bill’s email:

“I can’t tell you how pleased both Ashley and my families were with the photos you shot. I look at them probably twice a week and it brings me back to that Saturday in late June. People always wish they could bottle a feeling or a special moment and save it for a rainy day or hard time. Your photos do just that. As you probably know, the bride and groom are always so rushed that the entire wedding experience is a giant blur of toasts, dances and “I Do’s,” but the albums you provided blow that concept out of the water. Every time i look at the picture of Ashley and I high-fiving after walking out of the church, I feel the sun on my face on that low 80s day. When I look at my Aunt dancing next to one of Ashley’s friends, I’m deafened by the sound of chatter, the shaking dance floor and the music. I could go on, but needless to say, working with you guys on our wedding was an immense pleasure.” Bill G.

Each time I read it, it sends shivers down my spine. Knowing that we succeeded in not only making great pictures,  but creating a memorable experience for Bill, Ashley and their friends and family is the best compliment we could receive. At its core, what we provide to a couple is only 50% photography. The other 50% is the unique experience and attention to detail. Photography is 2nd nature for us, so we know going into every wedding we are going to make great photos. But our goal isn’t just great photos; we also want to have a positive impact at every wedding we photograph. We strive to create a calm and fun atmosphere and leave a good impression on not just the couple, but on their family and friends as well. When Ashley and I read this email from Bill, we knew from his descriptions of how he felt when he looked at his wedding photos, that we delivered beautiful photos AND a wonderful experience.


Being a photographer equals a lot of late-night hours, a lot of working weekends, and a packed summer and fall. We enthusiastically brag to our friends about the perks of not being in traffic on Monday mornings and how we can take Fridays off, but we also miss out on friends’ weddings and cookouts at the lake. When we became wedding photographers, we made this choice and we absolutely love the work that we’ve done over the last 8 years. The relationships we cultivate with our clients, and emails of gratitude like this, make it easy for us to make that same choice over and over again. This is the reason we photograph weddings.


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Jill and Kevin planned an amazing Boston Public Library wedding in early January. Perhaps you remember these love birds from their fun, rowboat inspired engagement session this past summer.

This was an event that Ashley and I have anticipated for a while now. We first met Jill and Kevin at the bride’s sister’s wedding in 2013. Sheila and Matt were married on the vineyard and without that spectacular event we might not have understood how amazing Jill’s wedding was going to be. Their family is so fun and energetic and everyone is always quick with a joke and a smile.

Needless to say this wedding did not disappoint. We started off at the Fairmont Copley Hotel and the Westin, respectively. Having plenty of time to capture getting ready moments and a few portraits before the ceremony really helps us as photographers get the story started. It’s difficult to ease into wedding photography when the beginning of the day is rushed or we when there isn’t enough time built into the wedding day timeline.

The ceremony was at St. Cecelia’s, one of the most beautiful churches in Boston. After a full mass and a recessional featuring a bagpiper, we were on the party bus headed for Fenway Park to start off wedding party portraits. It was pretty cold and windy but that didn’t stop our intrepid bride and groom from getting the most out of their photography and the most out of the city. It’s so worth it to brave the elements for dynamic wedding party portraits.

Once we got to the Boston Public we had a few more opportunities for portraits then it was time to get the party started. And after a wonderful dinner by The Catered Affair the party ramped up pretty quick with Beantown as the wedding band.  Pretty much the rest of the light was a blur. It’s tough keeping up with literally 200 people are dancing, laughing and partying at the same time. This was a wedding for the ages.

Congratulations Jill and Kevin!

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How To Decide If You Need A Second Photographer

When I started out as a wedding photographer back in the dark ages, my first gigs were as a second photographer. The second photographer’s duties include hanging with one half of the couple during getting ready, covering different vantage points during the ceremony, and supplementing the primary photographer’s work throughout the day. Since this was the only wedding photography experience I had,  I  thought it was the standard to have two photographers photograph a wedding together. In fact, most of the weddings booked here at Pizzuti Studios include two photographers. However, we also offer options that include only one photographer, and I think you’ll find that most other wedding photographers do the same. So, how do you know for sure how many photographers you’ll need at your wedding?

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine if you need one or two photographers to capture your wedding day.

  • First, how many guests are you expecting? Smaller weddings might not require as much coverage as larger weddings. In our experience, weddings with under 75 guests most likely don’t require a 2nd photographer. Weddings over 125 guests usually benefit from another pair of eyes. That second photographer can focus on the guests, while the primary can focus on the happy couple, and vice versa.
  • How important are “getting ready” photos? These photos will ultimately  allow you to see all the activity and anticipation leading up to the ceremony. The transition from “regular person” to Bride or Groom. Will you be getting ready at a separate location from your fiance? Hiring two photographers maximizes the coverage of your wedding prep. If there are multiple locations, one photographer can’t be in more than one place at a time, so getting coverage of both people might not be possible in that instance. Two photographers can split up between the couple and double the coverage.
  • Are you interested in photos of your cocktail hour? Some couples want to see every second of the day; they love seeing their guests mingling and enjoying themselves. What about those table top details you spent weeks agonizing over? Or the name cards you so painstakingly designed yourself?  If the photographer is with you during cocktail hour, photographing the family and wedding party portraits, they can’t be inside photographing your wedding details. By the time they make it back into the reception space, many of the guests have put their jackets and purses at their tables (along with some empty glasses and dirty napkins) and have picked up their name cards. That means the photographer won’t be able to get a “clean shot” of all your details. If you have a second photographer at your wedding, they are able to go inside and photograph the reception space while the primary photographer is busy with you!

Figuring out if you need two photographers gets a bit easier if you can definitively answer those questions. Honestly, one great photographer can effectively cover a wedding no matter how big or small, all while making beautiful images. And one amazing photographer is a better investment than two pretty good photographers. Either way, when you speak with potential wedding photographers, it’s important for you to talk about the logistics of your day and what you want to see in your wedding photography.  They can address any concerns you might have and guide you through your options.  In the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make the right decision.

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courtyard boston downtown wedding public gardens

Katie and Mike planned a beautiful Courtyard Boston Downtown wedding this past October.

I remember meeting Katie and Mike last winter when we invited them over to the loft. It was a couple weeks before Christmas and it was before we moved the studio out of the loft, so I remember giving them the disclaimer that we had a toddler sized gingerbread house made out of cardboard in our living room. When neither of them had the look on their face like we were crazy, I knew it was going to be a good match.

This was a fun wedding from start to finish. Ashley and I had the privilege of traveling around from the city from location to location with the wedding party. This was the kind of wedding where we really felt like an extension of the wedding party and we were able to make some photographs that we wouldn’t have had a chance to if we were stuck driving around. After the ceremony at St. Brigid in South Boston, we had the bride and groom and wedding party all to ourselves to hit up some portrait spots around town. We started at Fan Pier which proved to be the windiest and coldest place in the world (or so it seemed at the time). From there we went up north to the TD Garden to get Bobby Orr into a couple of shots (I mean how awesome is it when a bride let’s her husband indulge in some sports on the wedding day)! After that we went to Cambridge to get the Boston Skyline in the photographs and then we finished up at the Public Gardens.

One of the best parts was that despite the less than perfect weather, the bride and groom still wanted to have fun with their wedding photos. That meant the world to us!

The rest of the night at the Courtyard Boston Downtown was just as fun. Hilarious speeches, tons of laughs, great music and we even got to witness some wedding crashers get booted out. I’m not sure how this wedding could have gone off any better. We are so happy for this amazing couple and are honored to have been their wedding photographers. Cheers to Mike and Katie!

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scituate wedding, scituate lighthouse

Jenna and Sam planned a beautiful Scituate wedding at St. Mary’s church in downtown Scituate, MA as well as an Atlantica reception in neighboring Cohasset, MA.

When you have to work on your own wedding anniversary, you might as well celebrate with a collection of amazing people, starting with Jenna and Sam. It would be hard to think of two people more perfect for one another. This was a wedding where everyone seemed to be smiling all day! It was truly a fantastic event to be a part of and the photos below represent a small portion of the story we captured.