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New Hampshire Farm Wedding Barn Rustic

Nicole and Joel planned a beautiful New Hampshire Farm Wedding at Joel’s family property in Meredith.

There are weddings where everyone is running around stressed out. There are weddings where things are sort of quiet. This wedding was neither. It was laid back and chill but also incredibly fun and fast paced. A backyard / family farm vibe is the way to go if you’re able to plan a wedding like this. Nicole and Joel hired Mindy from Private Weddings and Events to handle the coordination and she certainly took care of everyone. People often overlook hiring a personal coordinator but it makes a world of difference when it comes to the flow and timing of the day.

My second photographer, Brendon, and I arrived shortly after 1pm on a glorious day in New Hampshire. It was sunny and cool, something that we haven’t had a lot of this summer. As I arrived at the Margate, where Nicole was getting ready, it was a bit quiet as the anxiousness was building. Christina, the maid of honor was steaming dresses like a boss and Nicole had started to write out her vows. As a photographer, I like the ‘quiet’ as much as I like the ‘action’. I can be a little more deliberate and thoughtful with the choices I make when I’m not trying to keep up with people moving all over the place.

The limo that was taking the bride and bridesmaids to the ceremony/reception site, was timed out to arrive just before the ceremony start. As I was riding with them, I knew I wouldn’t have much time to prepare for the ceremony once I got on site. That’s when a trusted second photographer is vital. Brendon did an excellent job making sure everything was covered and once I arrived all I had to do was find a spot for my camera bag and get into position. When it comes to a ceremony, I think this might have been the shortest on record. Nicole and Joel wanted it short and sweet and I think the whole ceremony was under 8 minutes. Wow.

After ceremony and portraits it was on to the party. Entertainment specialists, Crown Entertainment took care of the rest. Terry Moran was a great MC and mixed a variety of music from oldies to contemporary hits. The dance floor took a beating, but that’s what it’s there for, right?

Overall, a fantastic New Hampshire farm wedding. We are so happy for Nicole and Joel, and honored to be their photographer. Below are some of our favorite photos, enjoy.

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Jenn and Seth planned a wonderful Peabody Essex Museum Wedding this past weekend. These two amazing people were so incredibly wonderful to work with and we couldn’t have had more fun shooting this wedding.

The bride got ready at her family’s home in Peabody and the groom at the Salem Waterfront Hotel. With the church, Heaven’s Gate in South Boston, being a bit of a drive away from the getting ready locations as well as the P.E.M, most of the pre-ceremony conversations revolved around which road to take to Boston. “Should we go 1A? What about trying to take 93? WHY DOES GPS ALWAYS WANT TO GO 1A?!” We all got to the ceremony on time and although we were a bit behind as we got back into Salem, Natalia at the P.E.M. extended the cocktail hour a bit so we could grab some photos around the property. Natalia is THE BEST.

The reception was held in the Peabody Essex Atrium which is fantastic room for a party. It’s so open, airy and contemporary. Bearfight was the band and they played some fan favorites that kept the crowd rocking the dance floor until the clock struck midnight. This was an amazing wedding and we couldn’t be happier for the bride and groom.

We also should send thanks and praise to the other amazing professionals that contributed to this greatness:

Peabody Essex Museum, specifically Natalia Laskaris / Vinwood Catering, the delicious food / Karla Cassidy Designs, the beautiful floral design / New Leaf Salon, hair and makeup / Bearfight, the live band / Tara Leigh Cakes

Below are some photos, enjoy:


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Leaving the wedding of Kate and Stavros last night, Rich and I just kept saying how amazing the night was. We really love all our clients and put everything we have into each and every one. However, every once in a while you come across a couple with great friends and families and by the end of the night, you feel like you are old friends. This day could not have been more perfect way to kick off our 2016 wedding season. LeBelle Winery in Amherst, NH was breathtaking, the staff was extremely attentive, and the food was amazing. The Flower Mill, as always did a phenomenal job on the bouquets and decor.  Even the little bit of rain on a hot hot day had perfect timing and just as we were finishing up portraits in the wine cellar a beautiful rainbow crossed the sky. We wish you the very best luck on your honeymoon Kate & Stavros enjoy the sneak peek and we will have more photos for you soon!!  – Ash

Want to see more photos??

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Jarrod and Heather planned an intimate wedding ceremony at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

I’ve known both of these two for 30 years. Wow. Writing that down made me take a second and think about how amazing that is. I went to elementary school with Heather, played Little League with Jarrod. We all went to High School together.  Twenty years ago, if you would have told me I would be the wedding photographer for this wedding, I probably would have laughed you out of the room. Life is a truly a journey and no matter how we plan, life has a way of taking on the roads you had no idea were even there.

It was an honor to witness Jarrod and Heather’s marriage. Two wonderful people, full of love and laughter, made this day perfect. After the ceremony on a Boston Harbor Hotel balcony overlooking the harbor, we walked to Post Office Square and back for portraits. Wednesday weddings are the BEST!

Here’s a brief look at some of my favorite images.

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So, Groom, you’ve decided that you are going to impress your fiancee by wearing a bowtie for your wedding, huh? She’s going to love it. You’ve also convinced all six of your groomsmen to sport one, too?  How snazzy! When your beautiful bride sees you all for the first time, she’s going to be so surprised.  In her wildest dreams, she never imagined that you guys could  look so dashing. Like George Clooney. Or Daniel Craig, if she likes her leading men a little more rugged.

Before you get to the dashing part, though, you have to pass through the operational gauntlet. But you’re a pretty smart guy. Look at who you’re marrying! You’re basically the smartest guy ever. You can tie a full windsor, half windsor, even a double windsor. How hard can a bowtie be? I mean, seriously, if I were you I wouldn’t even practice until the morning of the wedding. I’m sure your best man or one of your college friends knows how to tie a bowtie. And if not, there’s always YouTube! We don’t carry around those mini-computers we call phones for nothing! Forget the fact that you’re getting ready in a log cabin in the woods because your bride-to-be planned a rustic outdoorsy wedding and the 3G connection is rather spotty. You’ll be fine! Live a little, I say! The worst that can happen is that you all walk down the aisle with the tie slung around your necks like you’re just coming off an all-night black-tie rager. Your bride loves that look. I am (almost) absolutely sure of it.

*The above message is an attempt at satire. At no point in the planning of a wedding should a groom decide to learn to tie a bowtie on the day he gets married. All grooms should familiarize themselves with their wedding day garb BEFORE the wedding day. Take the time to learn how to properly tie your neckwear. Figure out ahead of time what you want to do with, and how to fold, your pocket squares. And if you (or your groomsmen) are renting suits/tuxes, you should always unzip that bag and make sure you have all the pieces BEFORE you show up to get ready. Ideally, you’d even make sure everything came in the right size and fits. And that bag of little metal things that look like cufflinks? They’re button covers. Go figure.