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Peter and Caroline planned a Holy Cross wedding and International Golf Club reception.

holy cross wedding international golf club reception

The image above is one of my favorites out of a bunch of favorites. Choosing this image took an entire hour, I kid you not.

Caroline and Peter’s wedding was something a bit different for me, as a wedding photographer. At your typical wedding, we are usually rushed to get in all the portrait requests. From family photos (and all the different breakdowns) to the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and finally the whole wedding party, that can take some time to accomplish. By the end of it all we have a few short minutes to make some epic portraits of the bride and groom. That’s why it’s important for a bride and groom to make some time during the reception to go outside and spend a couple minutes on a portrait. We certainly did that for this wedding, but due to the scheduling of the Mass at Holy Cross we had an incredible amount of time for all of our portraits on campus.  The grounds of the college are so picturesque and every other time I’ve photographed here, I’ve said that there is not enough time to get everything. Well this time, Caroline, Peter and I sure came close to seeing it all.

Having the opportunity to make a collection of portraits with a willing couple, beautiful location and perfect lighting is something special. Wedding photographers don’t always have the luxury of experiencing all three of these together. Naturally, modern wedding photography lends itself to candid photography and that is our number one focus. But when I see the photos from a wedding where I can put in the effort of making portraits it really does add another facet to the wedding day photo story.

I love these photos and hope you do to!

Below you’ll find some fantastic wedding pros that did amazing work this day:

Freestyle Band

Jeff Frend Floral

Bean Counter Bakery

international golf club wedding


Susan and Michael planned a beautiful International Golf Club Wedding in Bolton, MA.  Two of the best people on the planet and these two deserved an incredible day. They got it.

Below are some of our favorite images:

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fnewport marriott wedding

Chelsey and Brian planned a beautiful Newport Marriott Wedding a couple of weeks ago.

This bride and groom wanted an outdoor ceremony, on the water at Kings Park in Newport, RI. And as New England’s weather has been less than ideal this spring, they had to pivot. It was a game time decision that comes with a lot of stress. Fortunately, it wasn’t a hard decision because the constant chill made it easy to move the ceremony to the atrium at the Marriott; and it was perfect!

When it comes to true love and tying the knot, the weather can NEVER ruin the day. Sure, it’s stressful, but once the decision was made it was as if there was never a problem. After the ceremony we took off in the trolley, hoping to wait out the rain and get some photos near the water. That didn’t happen, so we used the hotel as the backdrop and it worked out great. Brian and Chelsey just rolled with it the whole day. Inspiring!

Moral of this story: if it rains on your wedding day, be cool and roll with it. Be like Chelsey and Brian.


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greek wedding gibbet hill reception

Sheryl and Tony planned a beautiful wedding at the Holy Trinity Greek Church in Lowell, MA with a Gibbet Hill reception in Groton, MA.

Winter weddings can be tough for photographers. It’s usually dark, cold and challenging to get into a groove making photographs. However, on this January day, Ashley and I had one of the most rewarding times behind a camera at a wedding. It helps that we knew Sheryl prior to the wedding and had photographed more than a few of their friends’ wedding in the past. We got to see a ton of people we haven’t seen in a while and a lot of people we (unfortunately) only see at weddings. So right out of the gate, this day was incredibly fun to photograph.

The day was clear and bright, leaving us the opportunity to hunt down some light. There were times, during the ceremony, where my jaw dropped looking at how this light just burst through the stain glass window and wrapped around the altar. Church ceremonies can often be dark and muddy, but the window light at the Holy Trinity Greek Church was a photographers’ dream. One of my favorite images is Ashley’s photo as the priest took the bride and groom around the altar, the light hit them so well it looked as if we had staged the lighting. Truly amazing.

How lucky were we, that on a chilly day, the bride and groom and wedding party was totally game for portraits outside at the Barn at Gibbet Hill? Portraits take a group effort on a wedding day and we are so thankful that Sheryl and Tony really wanted to go the extra mile to make some dynamic portraits. They braved the cold and image above says it all. The reception and party began right away and Gibbet Hill was a gorgeous backdrop. Honestly, the rest of the night happened really fast with heartfelt, teary-eyed speeches, money flying in the air and energetic greek dancing. So much fun!

Here are some of our favorite images.


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omni parker hotel wedding boston skyline wedding

Allie and Garrett planned a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross with an equally beautiful reception at the historic Omni Parker Hotel.

This was Ashley and I’s second wedding with this amazing family. We photographed Allie’s sister’s wedding last year in Scituate. It’s always a huge privilege to be invited back to photograph another wedding in the family. Seeing familiar faces and catching up with clients, turned friends is truly a unique aspect to life as a wedding photographer. When we are accepted as family, we can make the photos a family member would make (if they were a professional and not your aunt with a disposable Kodak).

We are so thrilled we got to spend the day with Allie and Garrett. Such a lovely wedding downtown at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and a gorgeous reception at the historic Omni Parker Hotel.  Here are some of our favorite images.