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Kayte and Aaron planned a fun Mystic Seaport wedding this past summer.

mystic seaport wedding

So, we found out this summer, thanks to Kayte and are Aaron, that the Mystic Seaport is more than a museum. It’s an incredible place to get married! This spot has that old New England maritime thing happening and it’s perfect for a small wedding celebration. Kayte and Aaron were really excited about this venue and really happy with how their event came together. Below are some of our favorite images.

Here are some folks that made this wedding great:

Spin Enterprise

The Mystic Florist

Rae of Lyte Beauty

 Creative Cakes by Donna


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Alissa and Zach planned an incredible Public House Sturbridge wedding on this year’s extended 4th of July weekend. 
publick house sturbridge wedding

Monday weddings are rare. But this wedding was one of a kind. Two of the most laid back folks on the planet, Alissa and Zach, enjoyed their wedding to the fullest. I love being apart of days like this!

Some of my favorite photos from this wedding are late in the evening when the band was rocking and the dancefloor was impenetrable. The photo above came together just as a couple of people cleared just the right amount of space. The last dance doesn’t always yield the best or a favorite photo for me, but on this night it worked out quite well.

However, there are more than a few favorites from this wedding. Check out some of the photos below and find your favorite!

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Katharine and Josh planned a beautiful Chappy wedding and Edgartown reception this past summer.

chappy wedding edgartown reception

The family’s backyard, a gorgeous day, a cute puppy, a boat ride to the yacht club and a dance floor that was impenetrable. This wedding had it all and then some. From Edgartown to Chappaquiddick back to Edgartown, this Martha’s Vineyard wedding was an absolute blast. I had the opportunity to work with Nicole Friedler,   who was an incredible 2nd shooter. Along with being an amazing resource on the island, she was everywhere I couldn’t be and got some fantastic photographs throughout the day.

It was a muggy, wet morning when I made my short walk from the Inn to the Chappy Ferry. After 10 years of weddings, this was by far the most peaceful commute to a wedding ever. Not counting the 2 hour drive and the ferry ride to get onto the island, of course. The whole day was really laid back and incredibly easy to photograph. The properties were beautiful and the light started to come through right as the ceremony ended. This worked out in our favor as the bride and groom drove a vintage U.S. Navy jeep from the ceremony to the ferry. I couldn’t have asked for better light as we took photos on the ferry and on the boat heading over to the Edgartown Yacht club.

One of my favorite photos is the image of everyone outside of the yacht club cheering the arrival of the bride and groom. Guests can’t help themselves from hollering.  I love it! The reception at the Edgartown Yacht Club was energetic, touching and an all out party. There was a delicious dinner, a sunset firing of the canon, some slow dance swaying and then some all out partying.

Let’s not forget some amazing wedding pros that helped make this whole thing run smoothly…

KG Events and Design

Joanna Cassidy Band

Val Cakes


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R+P planned a fantastic Barn at Crane Estate wedding this past summer.

the barn at crane estate wedding

This photo above was one of my favorites from the entire day. We had just shot the first look with Poliana walking up to Remo who was waiting through the wood doors. There was a lot of family already there at the time, so we chose a spot away from any on lookers. As we were heading to take some family photos, Remo said something about “letting the craziness begin.” When it comes to weddings, could there be any other way?

Remo and Poliana had family and friends coming in from all over the world for their wedding. The Barn at Crane Estate was a perfect choice to show off the best of the North Shore of Massachusetts. This rustic venue with the historic barn and garden looks like it should be in the Italian country side. Stunning.

The day couldn’t have gone any better for the bride and groom, as you can tell from the smiles all over their faces. I had a great time photographing this wedding. Remo and Poliana are so in love and wanted me there to document natural, impromptu moments. For me, the day felt like I was hanging out with old friends and that’s when I do my best work.

Below you’ll find a selection of our favorite photos from this wedding.

Fireside Catering

Lilac and Lily Florists

Tuxedo Junction Band

Montilio’s Baking Company


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Peter and Caroline planned a Holy Cross wedding and International Golf Club reception.

holy cross wedding international golf club reception

The image above is one of my favorites out of a bunch of favorites. Choosing this image took an entire hour, I kid you not.

Caroline and Peter’s wedding was something a bit different for me, as a wedding photographer. At your typical wedding, we are usually rushed to get in all the portrait requests. From family photos (and all the different breakdowns) to the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and finally the whole wedding party, that can take some time to accomplish. By the end of it all we have a few short minutes to make some epic portraits of the bride and groom. That’s why it’s important for a bride and groom to make some time during the reception to go outside and spend a couple minutes on a portrait. We certainly did that for this wedding, but due to the scheduling of the Mass at Holy Cross we had an incredible amount of time for all of our portraits on campus.  The grounds of the college are so picturesque and every other time I’ve photographed here, I’ve said that there is not enough time to get everything. Well this time, Caroline, Peter and I sure came close to seeing it all.

Having the opportunity to make a collection of portraits with a willing couple, beautiful location and perfect lighting is something special. Wedding photographers don’t always have the luxury of experiencing all three of these together. Naturally, modern wedding photography lends itself to candid photography and that is our number one focus. But when I see the photos from a wedding where I can put in the effort of making portraits it really does add another facet to the wedding day photo story.

I love these photos and hope you do to!

Below you’ll find some fantastic wedding pros that did amazing work this day:

Freestyle Band

Jeff Frend Floral

Bean Counter Bakery