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So Much Fun At This Wedding Reception Photo Booth

Here’s a look at some serious fun had by Julie + Scott’s Wedding guests. The popularity and effectiveness of the wedding photo booth varies slightly for every event. This was one of those rockin’ receptions where everyone was having a blast and really loved the photo booth. This event reaffirmed our commitment to this product; this is gonna stay around for a while.

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Wedding Photo Booth
Although it’s not really a booth, it sure acts like one!

Derek + Erica’s Photo Booth at The Topsfield Commons

With the popularity of the wedding photo booth over the last few years we thought we’d give it a shot this past year with some incredible results.  With a wedding reception consisting of pretty much, eating, drinking, chatting and dancing, adding another activity for your guests will certainly add to their experience. Generally speaking, the majority of people are camera shy until they have an opportunity to take pictures with their friends. Add in a few adult sodas 😉 and it’s on!

The age of guest table shots is over, and thankfully so. Table shots are awkward and completely off putting for a wedding guest.  So the Photo Booth is also a great way for the bride and groom to receive great pictures of their guests. Not to mention the value it adds to your guests who have an opportunity to see a quality photo of themselves and their friends and family.

Here’s how we work it: We usually have our trusty photo booth photographer extraordinaire set up during dinner time. Set up includes a backdrop, tripod/camera and lights, which can be squeezed into a 10’x10′ spot in the reception area or adjacent lobby or room. The fun is ready to begin as soon as guests are finished their dinner. Customized cards with the online gallery information are provided, so your guests can easily access the images on their own.