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Shed Some Weight Before Wedding Season With BJJ

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Another wedding season approaches and usually this time of year I’d be heading to the mall to buy some wedding attire that fits a bit better. Winter had always allowed me to pack on the pounds. Too much comfort food and too much couch. This never helped me as a photographer as I got into the wedding season. Spring always meant trying to shed some weight before wedding season. Things have changed for me this year. Six months ago I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Paradigm Academy in Lowell. It has seriously transformed my life and body. My daily schedule is way more healthy, I’ve made a ton of friends and just in the last 4 months I’ve lost 27 lbs. The irony here is that I still need to go to the mall and buy clothes that fit because I’ve lost so much weight.

You’re probably thinking, “whoah, that’s great but combat sports are not my thing!” I totally get that and in honesty, it was not my thing either. In fact, the first time I observed any type of jiu-jitsu class, my first and only thought was “HELL NO.” Immediately after telling the coach that I’d be letting him know when I was ready to train, I was quick to think of all the excuses as to why this wasn’t my thing. Flash forward six months and I’m training 3-4 times a week and seeing improvement and feeling so much better about myself physically and mentally.

A few things to consider about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

  1. There’s no striking, which means practitioners can train with 100% resistance without getting injured through punches or kicks.
  2. You’ll burn over 600 calories in one 60 minute class (according to MyFitnessPal). The workout is aerobic and anaerobic and completely full body.
  3. It’s incredibly friendly and welcoming. For many, this is a family activity for dad, mom and the kids.
  4. Learn self-defense. This particular martial art is incredibly applicable to real life scenarios. It’s always good to know how to protect yourself.
  5. It’s super fun and an incredibly healthy life choice.

The school where I train, Paradigm Academy, is an incredibly warm and inviting place. Experienced practitioners are eager to help the new men, women and children get acclimated to the art. Everyone is dedicated to helping everyone; and when you are starting something that is foreign, challenging and at occasionally,  seemingly impossible, it’s good to have friendly people surrounding you.

If you are looking to shed some winter pounds for wedding season, BJJ will guide you in the right direction. And if you are looking for me this weekend, I’ll be at J.Crew making sure I look good for wedding season, with pants that fit.







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